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By Furniture News Nov 10, 2016

Shire Beds welcomes Yorkshire Cricket Club

The Shire Bed Company played host to the Yorkshire County Cricket Club when it visited the company’s manufacturing facilities in Dewsbury to discuss future projects.

Mark Arthur, the club’s chief executive, was given a guided tour of the business, including the recent expansion, which now increases the size of the operation to more than 100,000 square feet. The company also presented its proposed designs for a new head office and showrooms.

Mark says: “The team at Shire Beds really made us feel welcome. It was fascinating to see just how the manufacturing process works and how the recent expansion has added to the business.

“We are looking forward to working with them on future projects and hope to visit again when the new head office and showrooms are unveiled.”

Shire Beds currently has plans in the pipeline for a new innovative sleep enhancing product and as part of its major sponsor deal with the Cricket Club will be working with its strength and conditioning coach to support its development.

The club’s strength and conditioning coach is an essential part of the team at Yorkshire Cricket club. The focus is on the athletic performance of the cricketers, some of who not only play for Yorkshire, but also for the England team and need to be at the top of their game.

To ensure the team’s optimum performance the coach’s responsibilities include improving their physical performance through exercise, nutritional advice and, of course, sleep plays a vital part in this. The coach monitors sleep daily as part of a player’s well-being, looking at hours sleep quality.

Fara Butt, sales and marketing director, says: “Sleep is an important part of our marketing campaigns; we are selling a good night’s sleep, not just a bed. But one bed does not suit all, as our lifestyles differ so do our sleeping habits. There are soft, medium or firm support mattresses and for those who have an active lifestyle.

“Athletes in particular need a restful night’s sleep to aid their recovery, which is why we have called on our partners at Yorkshire Cricket Club to help us with our future product development.

“Some of the players are trialling beds from our active lifestyle range. We will use their feedback, together with the advice and guidance received from the strength and conditioning coach, to produce a bed that will give our customers the best night’s sleep possible.”

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