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By Furniture News Feb 28, 2014

Silentnight reduces carbon footprint with fleet investment

Silentnight has invested in a new fleet of 16 state-of-the-art Scania G-Series vehicles, helping the UK bed specialist continue its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

The new fleet has been given a personal touch by bringing to life Silentnight’s famous Hippo and Duck brand ambassadors. Each of the new vehicles has been given a Hippo or Duck name accompanied by an image of Hippo or Duck on the cab.

UK road passengers are being urged to look out for the personalised fleet and submit a picture of Harry, Humphrey, Henry, Hugo, Hamish, Hector. Horatio, Harvey, Danielle, Doris, Dana, Daisy, Dora, Donna, Dee or Dotty via Silentnight’s Facebook page or Twitter.

The fleet of 16 CG19 highline cabs are designed to produce a lower carbon footprint and increase fuel efficiency. They feature an Opticruise Gearbox to lower driver fatigue improving safety. Vehicles have each been installed with live tracking and fleet management devices, which enable up-to-the-minute vehicle positioning, keep measure of miles per gallon and carbon dioxide emissions produced.

New rear-steer axle city trailers will reduce mileage by enhancing overall vehicle manoeuvrability for double-trailered vehicles, enabling them to reach difficult locations. This will lessen the need for a drop-off point where the trailers have to be left behind, whilst the goods are delivered by a second smaller vehicle.

Silentnight has also made a significant investment into the company’s on-site servicing facilities at its premises in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, in an effort to reduce vehicle downtime.

Dave Chapman, distribution manager at Silentnight, says: “At Silentnight we understand the impact of our business and our responsibility to ensure that our energy consumption and carbon emissions are reduced to an absolute minimum - and in keeping with the UK Government’s national target, reducing carbon emissions by 60% by 2020. The new fleet is part of Silentnight’s long-term sustainability strategy, running an increasingly efficient service with minimal impact to the environment.

“The addition of the Hippo and Duck names to the new cabs is a bit of fun and brings to life our famous Hippos and Duck characters which have a lot of love and affection across the UK. They have been designed to raise a smile amongst road users who spot our drivers as they make deliveries across the country.”

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