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By Furniture News Jun 01, 2023

Silentnight vending machine educates sleep-deprived commuters

Last week, London commuters were introduced to the world’s first mattress vending machine, as Silentnight's ‘Dream Machine’, located in the capital’s King’s Cross station, dispensed boxed mattresses to winning visitors.

The bedmaker's recent research revealed that 32% of British adults are sleeping on a mattress that is "well past its best", and that 75% of adults agree "you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep", and 80% consider a decent mattress to be a sound investment. But despite acknowledging this, 40% of the 2000 adults polled said they do not prioritise quality sleep enough.

Furthermore, the study also found that 18% have a mattress which is older than the recommended shelf life of seven-10 years.

Jason Mcilvenny, senior brand and customer insights manager at Silentnight, which commissioned the OnePoll research to launch its new Just Sleep collection of rolled-and-boxed mattresses, says: “Brits know a good mattress plays a key part in getting a good night’s sleep. Despite this, our study suggests they might not be prioritising this as much as they perhaps could – with millions putting up with tired mattresses.

“So, we launched the ‘Dream Machine’ to remind time-strapped commuters of the importance of a good mattress for getting a good night’s sleep, and how easy and convenient it can be – whilst giving them the chance to pick up a comfy new mattress for free in an instant.”

When asked why they have not replaced their mattresses, 25% said they simply had not got around to getting a new one. More than one in 10 (12%) said they "can’t be bothered" to purchase one, and 12% admitted they were overwhelmed by the choice of mattress options available.

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