19 May 2024, 03:35
By Furniture News Jul 29, 2015

Sleep Council launches video campaign

The Sleep Council has launched a series of humorous videos to promote better sleep habits and the importance of a comfortable, supportive bed in achieving a good night’s sleep. The six videos feature a slightly eccentric Sleep Scientist, played by actor Dominic Woodward, explaining and demonstrating the key elements to look out for when purchasing a new bed or mattress. 

“We wanted videos that were amusing, engaging, informative and sharable - and encouraged visits to our website, YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account,” says Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council. “While the videos are fun, we are sending out a serious message through the Sleep Scientist. All our research over the years points to the fact that consumers still undervalue the importance of investing in a good bed to enhance their sleep quality.

“The key is to raise awareness of some of the main reasons for investing in a new bed on a regular basis - instead of waiting until it collapses or until you can't stand the aches and pains from an uncomfortable bed any longer.”

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