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By Furniture News May 19, 2014

Sleep Council updates Bed Buyers Guide

The Sleep Council has updated its Bed Buyers Guide to include advice on the latest types of bed available – and the latest ways of buying them. Nearly 20 years on from when the free booklet was first published, demand for information on how to choose a new bed remains as high as ever.

“Buying a new bed is an occasional purchase so people really value the kind of information it offers when making what, for many, is a significant household purchase,” says Lisa Artis Artis of The Sleep Council.

“The way people buy beds is changing, as are the types of beds and mattresses available. The new guide reflects that and offers helpful information for people who buy online or who want to know about the latest types of mattresses available.”

As with earlier editions, the new guide offers tips on why and when to choose a new bed: what style, what size and what price; how to try before you buy; and the types of mattress, base, pillows and toppers available.

The Bed Buyers Guide is available, free of charge, both on and offline to the public. Retailers and manufacturers can order in quantities from 50 copies upwards through the Sleep Biz website or by emailing [email protected].

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