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By Furniture News Jul 03, 2015

Sofaworks derides court ruling in new campaign

Following this week's ruling that the name of upholstery retailer Sofaworks (formerly CSL) infringed the business of the DFS-owned Sofa Workshop, Sofaworks has hit back with an online and print ad campaign that reflects CEO and owner Jason Tyldesley's "dumbfounded" response to the notion that his brand name was liable for passing off.

"For this judgement to state that we are passing off as Sofa Workshop, makes no sense to us," responded Jason. "How could Sofaworks ever benefit from pretending to be a smaller retailer – especially one operating in boutique upmarket stores, a stark contrast to our own retail park-based superstores?"

In the new marketing campaign, Sofaworks reinforces its view that the difference between the two brands is clear.

"Look at Neal above," reads the latest e-shot. "Neal's a sloth. You can tell he's a sloth because of his cute face, slightly awkward, gangly arms, and curved claws on his toes for climbing. If you put a hippo on the other end of the sofa, apart from catapulting Neal back up into the trees, it wouldn't be the most difficult game of spot the difference ever. Yet we have to change our title because DFS doesn't trust any of you to make that level of distinction between Sofaworks and Sofa Workshop.

"For our part, we'll continue to offer consistent low, low prices, not yo-yo prices - it saves us having to spend lots of money, creating an endless 'Sale', and messing around with prices. We'll also still have staff who aren't on commission, so there's no hard sell on our soft furnishings. And we'll maintain our 10-year guarantee on all sofas, so you can be as comfortable making your purchase as you will be sitting on it.

"So, same sofas, same prices, same values, but a different name. Whatever we're called, call us - we'll still be the UK's fastest-growing sofa company, and Neal will still be one of the world's slowest-moving animals. Let's just hope he doesn't have to change his name for fear of him being confused with Neil Diamond."

Sofaworks urges the public to join the conversation on Twitter at #Nealsayswhat.

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