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By Furniture News May 14, 2015

Steelcase to host renowned designer Michael Young at Clerkenwell Design Week

Renowned designer Michael Young will be presenting the novel <5_MY chair during this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week, at Steelcase’s WorkLife space in London. Hong Kong-based designer Michael Young started his career almost a decade ago, and has become one of the UK’s most sought-after designers. Michael has been commissioned by many well-established retailers and institutions such as the Conran shop and the Pompidou Museum. Today, he is renowned as a sophisticated minimalist and acclaimed for his elegant, pared-down aesthetic design.

The new <5_MY chair is composed entirely of carbon fibre, one of the strongest and lightest materials available in today’s world of engineering and design. It weighs less than 2.3kg (5lb) and can support 136kg (300lb). The unique material allows for an array of colours and bespoke surface applications. The <5_MY chair combines materiality with technology to express its structural form and 21st century craft.

John Hamilton, director of Global Design at Coalesse, describes the <5_MY project: “When we started the process we decided that we didn't just want to make a carbon fibre chair and we didn't want to make a gallery piece—we wanted to make a real, industrialized solution. We wanted to explore the boundaries of using cutting edge technology and materials to redefine craft in the new age of global manufacturing.

“Our design and engineering came together to express something very efficient, optimized, and smart - through an amazing new material and process. Working with world-class design talent and the world’s best carbon fibre craftsmen, we created a solution of lasting value that completely changes how you think about this type of chair.”

Michael Young adds: “The chair’s structure and form was developed as a result of working with a factory that is a worldwide leader in producing state of the art high performance bicycles and car parts, among others. This technology is ideal for the development of an exceedingly lightweight stacking chair. We wanted to design a carbon fibre chair that is truly functional and ergonomic.”

The presentation will be held on Wednesday 20th May at 4pm at Steelcase WorkLife, 77 Farringdon Road, London.

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