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By Furniture News Feb 06, 2023

Sustainable spring components manufacturer achieves global accreditation

Yorkshire-based Spinks, a spring components supplier to the mattress and furniture industries, has secured an internationally renowned Cradle to Cradle Bronze accreditation for its pocket spring products, making it the first such supplier to achieve this standard.

The Cradle to Cradle (C2C) accreditation ensures products are safe, sustainable and ethically sourced and has been awarded to Spinks following a rigorous, 18-month third-party product certification programme.

The certification verifies that all pocket spring products produced by Spinks are of an extremely high standard of safety and responsibility of materials, all while being economically circular through design and processing.

C2C assesses products and companies based on several factors, from transparency in production, to social fairness, in order to support businesses which are passionate about their product design and ethical trade, to help facilitate further growth in these areas.

The accreditation process aims to encourage safe and ethical product development and innovation, a vision strongly aligned with Spinks’ own history of manufacturing original and environmentally friendly components for the mattress and furniture industries, which has made it a world leader in quality components.

Spinks, which is part of luxury bedmaker Harrison Spinks, has revolutionised bed industry technology by inventing Micro coils, and its patented glue-free Flexecore springs.

Spinks will continue to work with C2C, undergoing a biannual assessment to analyse its data and processes and optimise strategies within Spinks to continue its trajectory in innovation and efficient and sustainable design. Its ‘in-house’ approach overseeing all aspects of the production process aims to find opportunities to constantly improve these areas.

Darren Marcangelo, MD at Spinks (pictured), comments: “We are delighted to have our pocket springs for the mattress and seating markets become Cradle to Cradle certified, meaning we can ensure all our products are as sustainable as possible.

“We believe we are the world’s first pocket spring manufacturer to become certified for the full range of pocket springs we produce. Achieving this global standard is not just a huge success for the business and our sustainability goals, but also for our customers."

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