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By Furniture News Nov 13, 2013

Teeside retailer helps prevent dumping of old furniture

Home Interiors has launched a recycling service for householders who need to get rid of their current furniture after buying replacements from the retailer based at Portrack Lane, Stockton.

The outlet, which is managed by Albert Gray, will take away the old furniture and will either donate it to charity, take it to a firm that will recycle its components, or deliver directly to an interested relative or friend's house.

Albert says: “We now offer customers the choice of having their old furniture taken away when we deliver their new items, and we hope that through this eco-friendly initiative we will be able to recycle a significant amount. If the furniture meets current safety standard we donate it to charity; if not we will send it to a recycling company that can strip it down and find a re-use for the constituent parts.

“By providing this service, we are helping reduce waste, doing our bit to lower the wider community’s impact on the environment and taking the hassle of trying to dispose of old furniture away from our customers.

“We are determined, in collaboration with our customers, to ensure that as much unwanted furniture as possible does not end in landfill sites and if possible direct it to a good causes that help less fortunate families furnish their homes.”

Home Interiors, which is located in Holme House Road, has re-opened recently after a large investment for a major makeover, in the wake the store becoming knee-deep in water during last September’s floods.

During the restoration, the company took the opportunity to improve the layout of the store and expand the range of furniture and ornaments on display.

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