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By Furniture News Nov 27, 2014

Textile designer draws inspiration for new collection from ancestor

When textile designer Caroline Allison was asked to create the new Scarlet & Argent collection for 231-year-old Yorkshire mill Hainsworth she had a lot of history to draw on.

The 29-year-old designer is the great-great-great-great-great granddaughter of the founder of the mill Abimelech Hainsworth.

Caroline, who joined the Pudsey-based Hainsworth in January last year, has designed and created the new Scarlet & Argent collection of stylishly soft contemporary blankets and throws now on sale on the new website.

She says: “I think a love of textiles and the beauty of wool must be in my blood. As well as being a direct descendant of Abimelech Hainsworth, my great grandmother Anne Rhodes was also a Hainsworth.

“And on the other side of my family there are strong spinning and weaving links going back many years. I was brought up with a love of crafts – my mum taught me to cross stitch from an early age and I started weaving when I was a teenager. It seemed natural to make a career in the textile industry.

“Not so long ago the British textile industry was seen as a dying trade but I’m proud that there has been a huge resurgence and demand for the beautiful fabrics that we make in this country and which are desired all over the world.”

Caroline has spent the past year researching, designing, weaving and sewing the new Scarlet & Argent collection. The striking new blankets and throws showcase the finest wool in luxurious shades that will brighten any space while carrying with them a touch of comforting nostalgia.

She says: “I love the new Scarlet & Argent collection. The blankets and throws I’ve created have all been made using traditional methods but with a considered design. They fit into everyday life and have soft splashes of colour that cheer up any room.

“I’ve taken my inspiration for the new collection from Hainsworth’s strong heritage of weaving luxury and all sorts of interesting facts I discovered during my research. For example, every blanket and throw is made using water from the natural old spring that runs under the site and has been supplying the manufacturing process for centuries. I love this connection with the past and its link to the future.”

Over the coming months, Caroline will be showing the Scarlet & Argent collection to buyers at leading stores and boutiques across the country.

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