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By Furniture News Aug 26, 2015

The Foam Company calls for transparency

Foam product expert The Foam Company is calling for more transparency when it comes to the amount and quality of memory foam used in a mattress.

Mike Nash, MD of The Foam Company, says: “With manufacturers competing on price in a race to the bottom and no regulations or guidelines as to what reasonably constitutes a memory foam mattress, clarity is vital. Retailers need to be able to provide consumers with the information needed to arrive at a buying decision.

“We believe it is essential to be open and honest with consumers so have developed a ‘Memory Foam Quality Rating’ system. This system grades the mattresses 1 – 4 indicating the foam density – the higher the density, the better the quality i.e. 1 - 40-45 kilo, 2 - 50-55 kilo, 3 - 60+, 4 - 70+.”

With some mattresses only containing a small amount of memory foam, consumers can easily be misled into thinking there is more than there actually is. The Foam Company believes in clearly stating the depth of memory foam used on all labelling, and in addition, this easy to use guide helps retailers explain the differences in quality.

“We want to give our customers value for money, but ensuring the quality of our products has always been at the core of our business. This is why we believe that the memory foam quality rating is the right thing to do as an industry; for manufacturers, retailers and the consumer,” adds Mike.

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