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By Furniture News Dec 07, 2016

The Lynch Sales Company launches The Lynch Sale in a Box

The Lynch Sale in a Box has been created by sales event specialist The Lynch Sales Company for smaller furniture retail stores wanting to raise cash, reduce inventory and improve their standing in the community. The company's new initiative aims to accomplish all those goals at an affordable cost.

“We receive a lot of inquiries from smaller stores”, said Chris Lynch, CEO of Lynch Sales Company. “Many of these retailers are unable to sustain a traditional Lynch Sale Event as they really don’t qualify for our full program. We have to turn them down because they are simply too small to justify us sending a Sales Conductor and Sales Personnel into their store. Now, after much research and development, we are able to provide a scaled down version of our copyrighted Sales Events, which includes everything a retailer needs to have a successful Lynch Sale, minus our on-site management team, and at a vastly reduced cost to the retailers.” 

The Lynch Sales Company is a family-owned sales event specialist based in Tennessee, US. Founded in 1914, the company conducts sales events for stores throughout North America, the UK and Ireland. The Sale in a Box event provides a 17 or 30-day Lynch Sale that includes signage, advertising, direct mail marketing, sale tags and complete consultation for the entire duration.

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