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By Furniture News Mar 02, 2020

The Sleep Council reveals new look

The Sleep Council, the consumer education arm of the NBF, has unveiled a new look and vision as it celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Developed in collaboration with a specialist branding agency, the new identity highlights The Sleep Council’s ongoing evolution and its role in the industry. At a time when millions of people are experiencing issues with sleep and often going without help, The Sleep Council wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to take the first step in getting advice and support.

Lisa Artis, head of The Sleep Council, says: “The insight and feedback from within the sleep and health industry clearly evidenced a belief that The Sleep Council has the equity and authority to be the go-to organisation about sleep but our current format lacked gravitas and didn’t fully reflect the service we provide.

“Our role has changed significantly over the past quarter of a century. When we started out our raison d’etre was to be bring the bed replacement cycle down from the 17-year mark to 10 years – we achieved this, and it currently sits below this today. We have acted as the consumer education arm for the National Bed Federation looking at the health and wellbeing benefits of a good night’s sleep, how a bed plays an important role in that as well as giving independent, generic advice.

“While we will stay true to the message of ‘comfortable, supportive bed for a good night’s sleep’, we have now become an organisation that is taken seriously in the ‘sleep world’ and with plans to lobby the Government and work on the public health agenda we needed a brand new look.”

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