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By Furniture News May 19, 2022

TV doctor delivers sleep lessons in schools

NHS doctor and TV personality Dr Ranj Singh is visiting schools across London to talk to pupils and parents about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

The educational assemblies have been organised by Furniture Village in collaboration with The Sleep Charity, and form part of a wider mission to support the nation when it comes to sleep.

Ranj is the sleep and wellness ambassador for Furniture Village, and has been an integral part of the campaign to date.

Some 50% of children and 40% of adults will have an issue with sleep in their lifetime, whether that be getting to sleep or staying asleep through the night. Alongside this, studies have shown that if children struggle to sleep, so do their parents. With this in mind, Ranj will be focusing on sleep health for the whole family and discussing simple steps that can be taken to establish a good bedtime routine.

Ranj says: “As a doctor, I know that sleep is as essential for health as a balanced diet and regular exercise. Whilst children learn about the importance of nutrition and movement, it struck me that they aren’t taught the importance of a good night’s sleep, which is why Furniture Village, The Sleep Charity and myself have devised this programme.

“I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to speak to parents and children about a topic I’m so passionate about, and hope that some of the sleep strategies and practical advice we offer can make a tangible difference to the whole family’s wellbeing.”

The first assembly took place on 16th May, and saw Ranj speak to parents and pupils at Trafalgar Junior School, Twickenham (pictured).

Georgina Oxlade, a year-one mum at Trafalgar Junior School, commented: “The information that The Sleep Charity and Dr Ranj shared will be practical for both my children to help improve their quality of sleep. It was great to hear about the free resources available on The Sleep Charity's website. Thank you to Furniture Village for making this happen.”

Ranj has worked closely with Furniture Village and The Sleep Charity on a number of key campaigns, including the introduction of the UK’s first National Sleep Helpline. Launched in September 2021, the free service is operated by trained advisors and aims to provide support and guidance for those struggling to sleep.

The school assemblies are another part of this joint mission to get the nation sleeping better, and Dr Ranj wil be visiting two further schools in East London on 23rd May. All parties hope to expand the programme in the coming months.

Lisa Artis, deputy CEO of The Sleep Charity, says: “It’s never too early to start talking about the value of a good night’s sleep, which is why we are delighted to be able to facilitate the assemblies with Dr Ranj and Furniture Village.

"Working in partnership with families is at the heart of what we do, so being able to talk directly to parents and pupils is an invaluable opportunity to spread the word about the support that’s available to them.”

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