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By Furniture News Dec 18, 2013

TV's Dr Jason Ellis joins Mammoth team

Mammoth Technologies’ team of leading industry professionals has been boosted with the addition of renowned sleep expert Dr Jason Ellis.

The innovative mattress manufacturer has recruited Jason - from BBC TV’s Goodnight Britain – as director of Sleep Science and Research. This appointment follows a long-standing collaboration between Mammoth Technologies and experts from Jason's Sleep Research Centre at Northumbria University - a relationship that Mammoth claims has inspired the only mattress designs in the industry proven to enhance sleep.

“We’re delighted to have recruited Jason to our team," says Mammoth managing director John Tuton. "His knowledge, experience and expertise will further enhance our position as highly qualified technologists and industry leaders.” 

John masterminded the Mammoth mattress after a serious rugby injury to his rib cage left him unable to lie down, with sleeping becoming a real problem.

“I tried everything but nothing worked,” said John, whose background is in medical devices where he was involved in the application of specialist equipment – and specifically tilt and turn spinal beds – within critical healthcare settings.

“I looked at pressure relieving technologies available through the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and from the NHS. I saw all the reports on different beds and it turned out that the medical grade foam produced by the company I worked for came out top, so I got them to make something up for me.

“In terms of pressure relief it was far better than anything out there – and all the benefits were testable. It made such a difference to my life and ability to sleep that I felt everyone should be able to sleep on medical grade foam!”

Mammoth Technologies now enjoys affiliations with other leading health, educational and sporting authorities that include the University of Northumbria Sleep Science Centre, The Newcastle University school of Bio-Sciences, the British Athletes Association, the English and Irish Rugby Players Associations and the UK Chiropractic Patients Association to name a few.

The Mammoth name can now be found in stores ranging from Selfridges to AHF (the Co-op) to Furniture Village and a number of leading independent retailers.

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