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Adding value with Protect-A-Bed

March is National Bed Month, and the perfect opportunity to focus on the importance of sleep – and reflecting on and reviewing missed opportunities within the retail environment, explains mattress protection specialist, Protect-A-Bed

"After a strong 2021, it’s clear from the early signs that maximising every customer’s potential will be increasingly important this year,” says the supplier. 

Indeed, Protect-A-Bed’s ability to help retailers grow sales within this category are well documented – but what makes its mattress protectors different?

“In terms of hygiene, the average person sweats up to a pint of fluid a night,” Protect-A-Bed continues. “With mattress fillings being highly absorbent, your mattress, if unprotected, will absorb hundreds of pints of sweat in its first year of use alone. 

“All of our mattress protectors use a Miracle Membrane, which is waterproof yet breathable and allows body heat to easily pass through, whilst preventing any sweat from entering the mattress. The protectors are machine washable, meaning you can keep your sleep zone healthy and hygienic. 

“Every Protect-A-Bed protector also includes a 10-15-year product guarantee and, when bought with a mattress, a 10-15-year anti-stain guarantee. Protect-A-Bed will have the mattress professionally cleaned to the customer’s satisfaction, or buy the customer a new one if it fails and the mattress was bought with the protector. 

“This promise is significantly powerful, and is at the core of our philosophy. Supporting this is an award-winning claims resolution and customer service. Ultimately, in-store it’s about creating value for the customer.”

“It’s in both the store’s and the customer’s interest to purchase, and our speciality is driving in-store performance so linked mattress and mattress protector sales are extremely high. The customer benefits from a healthy and hygienic sleep zone, while the store benefits from increased sales revenue. Every customer who walks through the door, if buying a mattress, needs to buy a mattress protector. It’s in their interest to do so, for many reasons.

“Protect-A-Bed are specialists in the mattress protection category. Nobody else in the category has the same passion, drive and focus to grow sales, and that’s why we are the leading global brand in healthy sleep. 

“The importance of every customer and every sale has grown significantly – and Protect-A-Bed can help retailers maximise every sale. To find our more, visit us at the January Furniture Show on stand 5-J45,” the supplier concludes.

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