24 July 2024, 17:20
By Sponsored May 10, 2023

ADP oversees major retail display rollout

Retail display installation specialist ADP recently completed a rollout project for flooring supplier Everyroom.

The project comprised two parts, and both were muti-store rollouts: firstly, rolling out and installing 4000 lecterns; and secondly, managing the distribution and installation of 300 vinyl browser single-stand displays.

Both projects were distributed across the UK and Ireland within an agreed timefame.

"Whatever the size of your installation, whether you require retrofit projects, retail display installation, carpet and flooring display stands, mobile shop units, commercial furniture installation or electrical goods and retail IT installations, we have the flexibility and expertise to execute your plans to the highest standard - an affordable and professional option," states ADP.

To find out more, call 0121 559 6783, email [email protected] or visit ADP's website.

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