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By Furniture News Apr 22, 2021

ADP puts Alternative Flooring on display

Distribution, merchandising, installation and project management specialist ADP recently completed a project for Alternative Flooring at the Premier Carpet and Flooring site, based in Worcester.

Alternative Flooring required ADP to project-manage the reinstallation of a unique Alternative Flooring Curve POD Design Centre in the new Premier Carpet and Flooring premises in Worcester, Upper Tything – and the results (pictured) speak for themselves.

ADP has a systematic approach to installation projects, and knows that every client’s products are different, and that everyone works to different time schedules – which is why it sets an agreed timeframe for display installation that will not disrupt clients' working hours.

In-store display installation generally takes place across multiple sites over a matter of days or weeks, states ADP, and requires meticulous planning and a high level of consistency.

Thanks to over 50 years of combined experience – resulting in a plethora of satisfied clients – ADP says it is well placed to deliver this.

ADP offers a comprehensive service from quotation to completion, with a keen emphasis on client interaction throughout. To find out more, call 0121 559 6783, email [email protected] or visit ADP's website.

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