Renowned British designer David Bartlett, whose clients have included Phillip Treacy, Lady GaGa, Alexander McQueen, Habitat, Conan, Courts and Halfords, will showcase his new Brandit Furniture range at Printeriors 2015, a new exhibition that highlights the myriad applications of print for interior design across the hospitality, corporate, retail and residential sectors. The show, which is to run alongside FESPA 2015, the world’s largest dedicated expo for wide format digital, screen and textile print, will take place from 18th–22nd May in Cologne.

David Bartlett has developed a range of royalty-free designs in cardboard for home, retail, exhibition and event applications. He chose to exhibit his unique Brandit Furniture at the launch of Printeriors because cutting-edge technology and cardboard constructions have enabled him to create some of the most innovative designs for interior and retail applications available to the market.

Designs for three different areas will be presented: for the home, David will showcase unique designs for children’s tables, chairs, storage systems and lighting; Brandit Furniture for retail will include products specifically designed for pop-up shops, shelving, display units and packaging; and, for the exhibition and events market, David has created a selection of display items such as plinths, arches, lecterns and projector stands.

All the designs are available as cardboard products under licence and can be printed to create a completely branded experience.

Brandit will demonstrate how technology can be incorporated into these unique designs. The centrepiece of the stand will be a 3m-high dome that uses interactive lights, integrated actuators that turn the cardboard into speakers, printed electronics keyboards and low-cost electronic tablet systems.

The opportunity offered by Brandit Furniture to printers is a rapidly available product range they can offer to their customers without the cost of design and development, or the cost of an ongoing royalty per unit. Licensees are free to use the Brandit name and the design heritage that David has accumulated over the years. The designs are unique and have subtleties that no other cardboard designs offer.