Highgate Beds was established over four decades ago, combining hand-crafted designs, and traditional manufacturing techniques.

The company's renowned Zero Gravity technology is at the forefront of its Healthopaedic range, but Highgate Beds also incorporates traditional Classic ranges into its offering, to ensure there is a bed to suit all tastes. 

Zero Gravity technology is an advance development and is innovative in the way it works. This gives a sense of weightlessness, as though the user is floating on air, while lying on the mattress.

Healthopaedic is currently Highgate's most popular brand, with its vast range and colourful branding. All fillings are hand-selected.

The company is proud to make its mattresses and products in house, having become an expert in British craftsmanship.

The newest launch within Bed Month is the Diplomat range of mattresses, a unique blend of natural fillings with the Zero Gravity technology enclosed in strikingly woven damask. The range has received a warm reception, and is proving popular with customers.

Highgate Beds is a pioneer in the latest bed developments. Its ultimate goal is quality mattresses, and one to suit all needs, which is why it takes precautions in trialling the products before they reaches the shop floor, or customer’s bedroom.