Mattress protection specialist Protect-A-Bed is working hard to help bed retailers grow profits against a difficult trading backdrop – principally through training and a bespoke reward system, the Protect-A-Bed Platinum Club.

Simon Zamet, Protect-A-Bed’s CEO, says: “The Platinum Club has been designed to build, recognise and reward success with unique promotional and discount opportunities, sponsored incentives, tailored PoS solutions and membership rewards.

“Protect-A-Bed have developed a world-class programme honed over years of experience, built on a singular focus.  This includes a unique sales training and motivational programme, our best-in-class mattress protection collection and bundled guarantees, new state-of-the-art display bays, award-winning customer services and claims resolution, and a next-day delivery service where required.”

Protect-A-Bed’s national sales manager, Paul Lake, elaborates: “In a year in which the volume of customers has declined, focus on each customer who walks through the shop door has never been more important. We know we can help any store reach a 50% attachment rate, or higher.

“Protect-A-Bed’s ability to upskill your team and increase your sales revenue by maximising every sales opportunity has been well documented.  We can manage every step of the process for you and build a reward scheme through the Protect-A-Bed Platinum Club. There is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained. Why would you not act now?”

Ahead of an appearance at the January Furniture Show 2020, Protect-A-Bed is now taking orders for pre-Christmas deliveries.

Pictured: Cloud mattress protector