Fifth-generation bedmaker Harrison Spinks has developed a new collection of premium mattresses exclusively for independent retailers, available for next-day delivery.

The Velocity Collection is Harrison Spinks’ first next-day, off-the-shelf mattress, designed to support independents with a range of products that are easily accessible for consumers in the current climate. It consists of nine premium-quality handmade mattresses, made in Yorkshire from fine natural and sustainable materials, including the bedmaker’s own in-house woven FR chem-free wool viscose tick.

The collection comes with a 60-night comfort guarantee.

Harrison Spinks has created a dedicated Velocity portal for consumers, that can only be accessed via retailers’ websites. The bedmaker holds stock via its partner, Panther Logistics, which can fulfil next-day delivery on orders placed before 2pm. The mattresses are rolled and eco-packed for ease of storage, fast and efficient delivery, and simple installation. Panther also offers a removal and recycling service for old mattresses.

All of the mattresses in the collection feature the latest sustainable innovation from Harrison Spinks’, Cortec Quad, part of the Cortec – glue free spring system – family. This ‘zero-to-landfill’ collection is foam-free, glue-free and FR chemical treatment free so all mattresses can be recycled at the end of their life.

Nick Booth, marketing director at Harrison Spinks, comments: “To be able to marry our return to work with the launch of The Velocity Collection demonstrates just how important it is for us as a business to adapt to meet the needs of our independent retailers and satisfy consumer demand.

“We have developed a slick and seamless solution for independent retail partners to enable them to offer high-quality Harrison Spinks products to consumers, who currently need speed of response. We launched the collection on 1st June and have a significant number of retailers already signed up, with an encouraging number of orders placed.”

The Velocity Collection includes both turn-free and dual-sided mattresses.