When online brands step into the world of brick-and-mortar retail, it's imperative their identity is retained – and signage plays a vital role in that translation. Read about Pure Electric's experience in this case study from award-winning signage solution provider, Graffiti Design …

Online retailer of electric scooters and electric bikes Pure Electric approached Graffiti Design in 2019 with a mission – setting up its first brick-and-mortar stores across the UK.

The challenge was twofold – scope and speed. The brief was not just for a flagship store, but for 13 sites across some of the UK’s most prestigious retail locations, such as Holborn and Victoria.

With sustainable transport being given nationwide priority this year, the concept received Governmental support and considerable investment, so the only thing left was to enter the physical retail market, and quickly.

A great brand requires great signage

The process of surveying the sites, developing bespoke signage solutions, designing each individual sign, rolling them out and installing them across the country ended up being one of Graffiti Design’s biggest projects of 2020 – not least because a reduced team tackled it during the springtime lockdown.

The challenging design and installation process of each sign is something Graffiti's team is particularly proud of, and involved the creation of photovisuals for each site before manufacture could even be considered. Every one of the 13 stores had different buildings and specs, and each demanded a full site survey and bespoke specifications to maintain branding continuity.

As part of its full rebrand service, Graffiti designed shopfront signage to reflect Pure Electric’s refreshed identity and ecological priorities. Once the designs were approved, the Graffiti Design team manufactured and hand-finished each individual sign. The full schedule involved design and manufacture in April, then roll-out in May (a lockdown efficiency record?!).

What’s next for Graffiti Design?

A year later, Pure Electric now has 15 exclusive stores across the UK, and plans to expand into France and Spain. Graffiti Design will continue to manufacture the signage as the brand flourishes, and says that this example goes to show how a great rebrand and signage to match carries a brand's values and identity forward – no matter where the store is located.

Graffiti Design's services are employed by high street retailers, furniture stores, restaurants, pubs, estate agents, online concept stores, museums, heritage projects, leisure centres, corporate organisations and more. Contact Graffiti Design today, or read more about how a rebrand can reinvigorate a business.