Iconography has worked successfully with retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers in the furniture sector since 2012, and continues to lead the industry's processes through innovation and careful analysis, says the company's director, Wayne Robbins.

"We’re extremely proud of our clients and the things we continue to achieve together," he begins. "In the last two years we’ve been working with a small number of furniture retailers on something new, called Omnis Retail – we’ve been listening carefully and taking on board feedback from existing clients and new retailers looking to improve their approach to omnichannel retailing via a unified commerce platform.

"The problems we’ve been solving can be summarised as addressing the inherent limitations, constraints and operational inefficiency caused by legacy retail management systems in today’s retail environment."

Older software requires retailers to endure problematic integrations between ecommerce, stores and head office systems, explains Wayne. "This is understandable – the software was conceived of and written for retail as it was, not how it is now and will be in the years ahead," he says.

"Legacy software typically means higher running costs and real faultlines in the effective running of your retail operations – this is why Iconography, along with some forward-thinking retailers, are pioneering a new approach and meeting the real challenges of omnichannel retail.

"Some of the work we’ve produced for niche independent www.juliajones.co.uk and larger national specialist www.andsotobed.co.uk has been recognised and shortlisted for this year’s Retail Systems awards shortlist.

"It's nice to think that an innovative new omnichannel solution like Omnis has strong links to the furniture sector, which historically has perhaps lagged a little behind other retail sectors in terms of making adjustments and responding to the demands of 21st-century consumers."

Wayne Robbins is a director at Iconography. Iconography's integration-free solution, OMNIS, is a unified commerce platform which blends ecommerce, RMS, CRM and EPoS to free retailers of the constraints of their existing platforms.