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By Junction 2 Interiors Apr 10, 2013

Bespoke bathrooms take centre stage in 2013

Whether you opt for a modern interior design or a traditional one is of course a matter of personal choice, and one that is likely to be heavily influenced by the age of your property and the overall look of your home. Whether a homeowner does decide to opt for a modern or traditional bathroom style, they are guaranteed to be faced with plenty of choice in both these contrasting styles.

Despite the decision essentially boiling down to personal preference and taste – similar to all facets of interior design – certain bathroom trends and styles float in and out of fashion.

It seems that 2013 is the year where bespoke bathrooms are taking centre-stage, whereby bespoke bathroom designers are creating truly unique and original bathrooms that are a far cry from the comparatively monotonous-styled standard bathroom packages.

Showcasing the seemingly increasing demand for bespoke bathrooms was a bathroom exhibition put on in Frankfurt this year – the Heritage Bathrooms Exhibition at ISH 2013, held by the leading European manufacturer of stylish sanitaryware, Heritage Bathrooms.

This industry-defining event is the biggest bathroom exhibition in the world, and is designed to showcase the very best of the contemporary bathroom design demands, such as energy-efficient heating, innovative design, renewable energies and air-conditioning technology.

Attendees of the highly-anticipated event are said to have been “delighted” by the innovation and style that radiated from the stands at the exhibition.

It goes without saying that a bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, providing many homeowners an area of quiet solace in which to relax and unwind after a busy day. A bespoke bathroom, which has been designed with a client’s individual tastes and requirements at the core, takes the concept of a bathroom being a serene and calm environment even further, providing homeowners with a sanctuary of relaxation to help them unwind – no matter what the day may have thrown at them.

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