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By Biocrystal Nov 16, 2017

Biocrystal Mixture

Launched at interzum this year, an innovative crystal technology from Biocrystal promises to enrich the furniture and bedding industries (among others), adding value and active treatment to numerous applications.

Described by its developer as a "game-changing product", Biocrystal Mixture is a combination of crystals that promises to impact consumers' wellbeing and energy.

The mixture comprises 16 carefully-selected crystals, with the addition of gold and silver, which are ground down to particles of 0.1-0.4mm in size, making them small enough to implement in products such as bedding and furniture foam, mattresses, toppers, sofas and chairs, as well as textiles, clothing, sports equipment and other accessories.

According to the company, studies carried out by relevant experts and institutes show the efficiency of Biocrystal Mixture, the results proving that products enriched with Biocrystal Mixture provide increased body energy and concentration, enhanced sleep quality and relaxation. The impact of Biocrystal Mixture is not limited to humans, but has also been found to affect both animals and plants.

"Many industries are switching from producing passive products to active ones which offer greater efficiency, measurable impact and offer users added value," reports Biocrystal. "Biocrystal Mixture is our ultimate achievement, bringing together science, technology and nature."

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