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By Furniture News Jul 18, 2019

Celebrity's Mammoth partnership pays off

Due to the extensive research and intelligence sharing between action furniture manufacturer Celebrity and health and wellbeing technology expert Mammoth, a newly re-engineered range of Celebrity ZipSpeed products are now in production, and are zero-VAT rated where applicable …

Due to the proven health benefits of Mammoth’s medical-grade foam seating technology, all of Celebrity’s models designed to employ it qualify for a zero-VAT rating (for those eligible). 

Previously, Celebrity’s zero-VAT-qualifying furniture was restricted to riser/recliner chairs, but thanks to the redesign and re-engineering of the collection to incorporate Mammoth’s medical-grade foam technology, the qualification has been extended to include the manufacturer’s recliners, fixed chairs and settees. 

Mammoth’s medical-grade foam seating technology has been specifically designed to help the chronically sick, catering for conditions ranging from (but not limited to) chronic respiratory and cardiothoracic conditions to spina bifida, amputation, long-term immobility and chronic back problems. Celebrity is keen to emphasise that customers purchasing this furniture at the zero-VAT rate must meet the specific criteria, as stated in the relevant HMRC guidelines.

The benefits of the Celebrity Mammoth models include promoting better circulation, support and posture, and alleviating hip locking when sitting/standing. In addition, Mammoth’s cooling airflow channels can help reduce sweating, moisture and bacteria build-up, for a more comfortable sit, for longer. 

Mammoth medical-grade foam seating technology is exclusive to Celebrity and fitted in all fabric Woburn (excluding legged models), Westbury, Somersby, Pembroke and Regent models as standard, at no extra cost.

Celebrity has also received a warm response to its new Aquaclean range of fabrics, with repeat orders already featuring in volume on the company’s production schedules.

 Meanwhile, the introduction of a new adjustable headrest offers customers the option of a new level of comfort on all Westbury, Woburn and Somersby dual-motor riser/recliners. 

Celebrity is always keen to keep up with market trends, and these latest developments are proving positive for the company. On top of this, Celebrity recently ran a series of successful stockist training workshops to encourage retailers to update their floor display models and benefit from these new advancements. 

Pictured: Celebrity’s Westbury riser/recliner now features Mammoth technology, and as such is Zero-VAT rated when applicable

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