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By Katie Sherry Apr 11, 2013

Composer and Brighton Beach, Timothy Oulton

Timothy Oulton has announced the introduction of two new themes to his eclectic collection – the music-inspired Composer and the breezy Brighton Beach.

Composer is inspired by the stirring passions that drive musicians of every genre. The harmony and contrasts of the pieces and finishes featured in the Composer roomset make an artistic statement. Combining the elegance of the Black Spitfire collection, the luxury of the BaaBaa upholstery and the classicism of marble, Composer is at once balanced and daringly expressive.

Brighton Beach, on the other hand, is more laid back. Inspired by a breezy summertime beach culture, vintage cars, surfing and old time rock and roll, it is a bright, light alternative to the more classical Timothy Oulton look. Still imbued with authentic craftsmanship and design, pieces include a range of new fabric upholstery, as well as rugged reclaimed timber pieces, cool marble, leather accents and daring coastally-inspired artwork.

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