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By CGTrader ARsenal Jun 30, 2021

Cut product visual creation costs by 10 x with CGTrader ARsenal

CGTrader ARsenal, a leading 3D and AR solutions platform for ecommerce, explains how furniture businesses can reduce their product visual creation costs by up to 10 x …

Virtual photography has revolutionised furniture marketing forever. Led by retail giants like IKEA, Made.com, Loaf and many others, the shift to virtual (CGI) photography among furniture retailers is accelerating.

The key reasons behind this change are: it’s cost efficient; it allows for faster time-to-market; it's infinitely flexible; it's 100% digital and sustainable; and it's easily scalable.

While the benefits are apparent, the actual path to virtual photography may not seem so straightforward – but there’s a simple and efficient way to get started with 3D. 

Generate product content cheaper and faster with pre-made 3D lifestyle scenes

CGTrader ARsenal has a compelling offer for furniture retailers wishing to generate product content cheaper and faster.

Its lifestyle scenes catalogue, packed with professionally rendered lifestyle interior images in all styles and settings, allows retailers to skip the photoshoot and go straight to picking out the best content. 

Once a scene is selected, it will be customised to include the product and any other props or elements required. Prices for 3D interior scenes start as low as £177 per image, plus the cost of converting your product into 3D.

The best part about 3D product visualisation is that 3D models are easily reusable – for instance, the same 3D model can be placed into a 360-degree product spinner on your website.  

Also, photorealistic 3D renders are suitable for both online and offline media. And, since it’s computer-generated imagery, it’s 100% flexible – every object within the image can be removed, changed or customised as per your request. 

So, how does it work?

You can cut the workflow to just a few simple steps:

1. Select a scene from the catalogue of pre-made lifestyle scenes

2. Provide reference images of your product from different angles so that 3D designers can create photorealistic 3D models 

3. Grab the files of the final 3D renderings and put them to work 

Forget expensive, tiring and time-consuming product photoshoots, and create your product visuals faster and cheaper – browse CGTrader’s lifestyle product visualisation catalogue to better understand what virtual photography can do for your business!

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