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Design, order and go to production in one system

3CAD is a dynamic and fast-growing leader in visual CPQ software.

"Streamlining the sales-to-production process in a single, cloud-based platform sets us apart from the competition," says marketing manager Andrea Naibo.

"As the customer visually configures and prices their product online, their order is then seamlessly processed and managed all the way through to CNC machines for manufacturing.

"One connected platform ensures full visibility of orders, enabling manufacturers to speed up sales and manufacturing of their products that deliver what every company wants – growth."

With specialists that boast over 20 years' experience in the visual CPQ industry, customers including Natuzzi, Cassina and Cattelan Italia, plus many others, have benefited from 3CAD's knowledge and software when expanding their businesses. 

From sales to production 

* Simple 3D configuration – configure each product made in 3D thanks to powerful parametric software that automates all the information needed for production. Users can manage rules, variants and options to give them complete control throughout the entire production process

* Optimised management of production – the use of a single system by retailers and manufacturers means complete visibility of all orders. The user's sales and production teams can optimise their processes to meet needs, as every order shows the bill of materials, production lists and CNC production details

* Complete integration, from sales to production – take advantage of a web-based system to manage all activities, starting from the design phase. Users benefit from a fully integrated solution at all stages of the process, from sales to CNC production. Full integration promises to eliminate the risk of errors, speed up processes and optimise the internal-flow of data, from design to production. 

Why choose 3CAD? 

* Eliminate errors – one database from sales order to production removes the chance for errors, states 3CAD. Guided by powerful parametric rules from the start, catalogue management will ensure that what is ordered can be produced, no matter how complex

* Design without limits – manage and design entire apartments, houses and other complex environments while maintaining performance and fluidity

* Produce live - automatically generate information for CNC machines, drilling, cutting and edging directly from the drawing

* Always up-to-date catalogues – gain full control of catalogues by managing them easily in-house and ensuring that every update to products looks exactly as it should. New catalogues and changes can instantly be updated across an entire sales network to ensure complete consistency

3CAD, a Cyncly company 

3CAD is now part of Cyncly, created in September 2022 as a new brand to unite Compusoft, 2020 and their affiliate companies after the two companies merged in 2021. The combined group created a global software powerhouse with over 2300 employees and more than 70,000 customers across more than 100 countries. Cyncly provides specialised visualisation, sales, manufacturing and content solutions for customers wanting to bring spaces to life and bring life to spaces. The business spans the kitchen, bathroom, furniture, flooring and windows, doors and glass industries, with operations in North America, Europe, South America, Asia Pacific and Africa. 

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