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Exclusive kitchen designer seeks buyer

Founded more than 40 years ago, the Chalon brand’s clients have included royalty and famous chefs, bakers and sport stars including Aldo Zilli, Miranda Gore Brown, and Tim Henman.

Following recent approaches from interested parties, Chalon is eager to speak to those interested in acquiring the brand, intellectual property rights, design libraries and customer database.

Creative director Ilana Saliuk comments: “We’re looking forward to the next chapter in Chalon’s history. It’s the right time enhance the brand's reach through an exclusive retailer distribution network and a focused online marketing strategy, providing unprecedented access to our brand and products.

“We are also open to discussions about our manufacturing facilities. We are keen that our small team of highly skilled people continue to produce their high-quality craftsmanship for any new owner, if required. The Chalon brand is synonymous with quality, aspiration and innovation.”

In preparation for the sale, Chalon has digitised its product catalogue to sell online, including the range of colours from Chalon’s unique paint palette. 

The brand has a strong heritage in the interiors market. Founded in 1978 by husband-and-wife team, Michael and Rose Chalon, the company began producing furniture designed to emulate the classic elegance of 18th- and 19th-century English furniture. Its bold and open styling was complemented by a unique paint effect, developed to provide a distressed finish as if each piece had naturally aged in an English country house.

To express an interest as a buyer, contact agent David Fletcher at [email protected].

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