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By Furniture News Oct 07, 2022

Forte’s multipurpose designs offer on-trend space-saving solutions

Forte pays close attention to the consumer's needs and expectations, as well as constantly monitoring the latest trends.

All the manufacturer's forecasts indicate that furniture-buying decisions are becoming increasingly influenced not only by price, but by a product's longevity, and multipurpose designs are becoming more popular.

"Our ranges ensure that there is no need to compromise on home comforts, when furniture that provides different functions can co-exist in one space," states Forte.

"Space is at a premium – especially when more than half of people are expected to continue to work from home, with roughly 28% of those repurposing a room for a home office. Flexible and versatile design qualities are crucial to consumers in order to define the space within their interiors most effectively."

Forte's latest concept allows essential items such as dining tables, desks or even beds to be folded back when not in use. Furniture with multiple uses can be used to divide and adapt smaller spaces, reducing the number of pieces in a room, while making the area feel spacious and inviting.

"We provide stylish, practical and sustainable furniture collections to meet the needs of students, young working professionals sharing accommodation, retirees who are downsizing, as well as families with children," Forte continues.

"Multi-use furnishings are not just a great way of saving money, but they are also an ideal solution for those who, like us, care about sustainability. Instead of consumers having to constantly replace key pieces, we design furniture which can be adapted and reconfigured as their needs change." 

For more information on Forte's range of supply options, and to see its full multifunctional furniture range (along with an extensive catalogue that covers most furniture categories), email [email protected].

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