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Fresh fabrics, Boyteks Tekstil

Boyteks Tekstil is one of the largest suppliers of mattress ticking, upholstery fabric and carpet to the furniture manufacturing sector.

Although still a young corporation, Boyteks has become one of the world’s most important manufacturers of mattress ticking and upholstery fabrics, standing out from the crowd thanks to its innovative and progressive principles.

Behind this success is a customer-oriented approach. Boyteks Tekstil works closely in partnership with furniture manufacturers to develop new ideas, and shaping the outcomes based on the customers’ needs.  

Offering an extensive product portfolio ranging from velvet and nubuck fabric to office and garden furniture upholstery fabrics, Boyteks attracts attention from various sectors, thanks to the variety and quality of the goods it offers.

The typical approach of the fabric manufacturer is to tailor its products to its customers’ demands, rather than simply selling them existing lines. By presenting PoS and advertising materials that customers can use in their own advertising campaigns, Boyteks also supports marketing activities as well as offering product support. 

Boyteks Tekstil strives to improve the lives of end-users too, emphasising flame-retardant and easy-clean properties, giving manufacturers the opportunity to further differentiate their offer.

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