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By Henderstone May 21, 2013

Granite worktops guarantee style

"Long-term practicality makes for a stylish product," according to kitchen worktop specialist Henderstone. "If you want proof of this, compare solid wood furniture to that made using a wood veneer. Where the former improves with age, the latter simply grows tatty and unappealing. This contrast is further highlighted by the popularity of the artificial ageing techniques used on solid wood furniture. People look for ‘distressing’ because it effectively advertises the quality and resilience of the piece, even though this work basically amounts to damage.

"The same principle of long-term practicality going hand-in-hand with style applies with granite worktops and it explains their lasting popularity. However, in this instance, the appeal does not lie in scuffs and chips – it hinges on their absence.

"The durability of a granite worktop is unparalleled. A laminate worktop might chip or blister, and tiles might become worn with the gaps between them slowly accumulating grime – but a granite worktop is unchanging. It looks as immaculate many years down the line as it did on the day you got it. You get a sense of this resilience whenever you look at it and the awareness that something is perfectly fulfilling its purpose only enhances our perception of the item in question.

"Granite can tolerate pretty much anything. It is heat resistant, does not sustain water damage, and is easy to clean. Furthermore, it is incredibly difficult to scratch, let alone break. For these reasons, daily use will barely have an impact on it. All you have to do to ensure it retains its look is a bit of cleaning and some basic maintenance – application of a sealant once a year is usually sufficient.

"Their longevity also ensures they are immune to the vagaries of fashion – for what is style if not a great look which transcends time periods? Laminate worktops will often be produced in the style of the day, but this is viable only because they need replacing so often. In contrast, a granite worktop must boast a timeless look and fortunately its durability pretty much ensures that this is the case.

"You can therefore consider a granite worktop to be a money-saver long-term as it is a one-off purchase, unlike cheaper equivalents. If you’re in the market for one, Henderstone are respected worktop experts and offer a wide selection. It’s also worth noting that granite isn’t just grey. It is a natural material and its appearance therefore varies. Each piece is unique and the colour is influenced by other minerals which are present in the rock, with pinks, blues, creams and blacks also common."

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