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Healthcare professional – the Women’s Health and Men’s Health collection

As the new year begins, millions of people will be heading back to gyms, sports fields and the great outdoors, looking to shed a few excess Christmas pounds and find their best shape once more – but, without adequate rest and recovery time, no change to diet, lifestyle or exercise plan will succeed in improving health or optimising performance, states the team behind the Women’s Health and Men’s Health retail collection, which really comes into its own in such circumstances … 

Launched in 2021 by “the most trusted voices in health and wellness”, the Women’s Health and Men’s Health mattress collection is designed for consumers looking to make healthy choices. 

According to a recent study by Hearst UK (the parent company of Women’s Health and Men’s Health), 83% of people are demonstrating a greater awareness of good health, and 78% have pledged to make wellbeing a priority for the future – so there is no better time to emphasise the value of sleep.

The mattress range promises “incredible comfort”, and is shown to improve sleep, thanks to the inclusion of M-Tex Health Technology, the latest innovation from the Mammoth Group. M-Tex is a combination of carefully selected comfort materials and technologies dedicated to improving health and wellbeing. Together, they support bodyweight, relieve pressure and keep the skin cool and comfortable.

For consumers, M-Tex represents a mark of genuine quality, which tells them that their Women’s Health and Men’s Health mattress has been rigorously tested and shown to improve sleep – evidenced by the fact that M-Tex is backed by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. 

After a successful launch that has seen the collection land with retailers across the UK, the Women’s Health and Men’s Health collection continues its rollout in 2022. “This unique range offers an important point of difference to anything else on the market, combining a globally recognised master brand with a firm grounding in scientific research and product testing,” states the team behind the collection. 

Simon Hewitt, head of sales for the Women’s Health and Men’s Health collection, comments: “This collection presents retailers with an opportunity to engage not just with their traditional audience, but also millennials and a young, active audience, through a brand that they trust, across print and digital marketing channels they are familiar with.

“The mattresses and pillows in the collection have been rigorously tested and are shown to improve sleep and comfort, which consumers now know is critical to their broader wellbeing.”

For stockist information on the Women’s Health and Men’s Health collection by Mammoth, contact [email protected].

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