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How ERPs can benefit from AGR's Inventory Optimisation Solution

Supply chain management specialist AGR understands that supply chain disruptions can have significant impact on a business – its clients in the furniture trade have told it that longer lead times, coupled with supply chain shortages, have resulted in lost sales and even penalties.

The AGR Inventory Optimisation Solution is an add-on to any ERP system, providing an end-to-end view of the supply chain and assisting with demand forecasting and planning, ordering and maximising container space, and more.

"Take control of your supply chain with AGR and have the right products, in the right place, at the right time," states AGR. 

"You can add the AGR solution onto any ERP system and get a better overview of your whole supply chain. Using the features of the AGR system you can look to maximise container revenue, ensuring that each container or pallet is as full as can be with high-profit or high-demand items, and stay one step ahead with features such as the planning tool with multi-dimensional planning capabilities that look beyond the forecast at all potential scenarios, as well as having an accurate view of your entire supply chain.

"Another key benefit of using a system like ours is automation. Removing all the simple, repetitive, and mundane activities which can instead be handled by technology, frees up your team to apply their specifically human capabilities – judgment, creativity, and innovation – to the issues that truly require them.

"Holding less stock also makes it easier to manage your inventory. Cash flow is freed up through reduced storage, handling, and distribution costs. And by reducing the risk of overstocks, you minimise the markdowns and reductions required to shift dead stock that are so damaging to your margins."

Read more about the features that come with the AGR solution, and sign up to see a demo of its system, here.

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