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By Furniture News Mar 11, 2014

Iain James Furniture

Iain James Furniture's expansive collection of furniture spans four centuries, from William and Mary to the Art Deco period taking influence from designers and makers of traditional furniture, such as Adam, Chippendale, Hepplewhite and Sheraton.

Iain James furniture features traditional hand-polished methods by skilled and experienced craftsmen with an in-depth knowledge of the antique and restoration trade. The french polishing helps ensure a fine finished patina due to the gentle build up of polished layers, applying time honoured finishing methods that accentuate the beauty of selected traditional and exotic timbers and veneers.

Iain James furniture is respectful of its environmental responsibilities and is a founder member of Woodland Heritage, an organisation with the long-term sustainment of woodlands and forests within the United Kingdom at the forefront of its interests. Timber materials are also purchased from suppliers that source from legal and sustainable managed forests.

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