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By Furniture News Feb 14, 2022

Image conscious – Chilli Pepper Designs

The furniture industry is facing container shortages, higher material costs and the possibility of further lockdowns, prompting every business to look at how they can reduce costs while still enabling growth – and Chilli Pepper Designs has a solution … 

Since the nation went through its first national lockdown in March 2020, CGI specialist Chilli Pepper Designs has gone to great lengths to create cost-effective product and lifestyle imagery for furniture brands across the world. 

Indesign Furniture’s Neil Buckley-Jensen brings extensive industry experience to the mix, having managed his own cabinet brand, Little Tree Furniture (environmentally produced reclaimed furniture, stocked exclusively in the UK by Baker, and Barker and Stonehouse) since 2012. 

After struggling with his own imagery in the first lockdown, he started up Chilli Pepper Designs with the aim of creating realistic CGI that would enhance his marketing strategy for new furniture designs. 

Based on his own results, and fusing his experience in furniture design and visual merchandising, Neil began helping others reap the benefits of CGI images. After sharing the CGI of his product with his own customers, they quickly bought into the idea, and the process of being able to design, order and sell products based on high-quality product renders alone – which would take days, instead of months to create. Neil’s customers started selling product from containers before it had even arrived in the warehouse.

Bespoke 3D CGI enables retailers and manufacturers to easily present their entire product range in detail, supporting evolving design and marketing strategies, while painting a detailed picture for customers. After a series of images is created to display a product, these can then be used in a variety of ways throughout marketing campaigns, removing the need for traditional photoshoots and opening the door to endless style possibilities, whereby roomsets can be manipulated to support seasonal campaigns, with minimal investment.

Neil concludes: “In an increasingly digital-driven world, it’s vital that you offer the best imagery for your customer in an effortless, fun and economical way!”

Pictured: CGI by Chilli Pepper Designs

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