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By Furniture News Jan 18, 2016

In focus – Conley, Collins and Hayes

Long-established upholstery manufacturer Collins and Hayes has evolved rapidly in recent years, demonstrating an ability to react to changing market demands with a host of well-crafted models. Creative and marketing executive Kate Delany speaks to Furniture News …

Tell us about your product offer and bestsellers …

We offer a strong collection of handmade suites and chairs in a great selection of on-trend fabrics and leathers, plus traditional favourites.

The Conley is a true example of contemporary elegance and is our bestselling recently-launched product. Launched at Spring Long Point last May, Conley will also be with us at the NEC show this month with an enhanced fabric offer which I’m hoping will impress. With its trademark contrast piping, curvaceous arm and stylish pulls in the back cushions, the Conley is a winner and something to be proud of.

There is also a big focus on the independent retailer, for whom Timeout and Bobbin are hits and continue to attract much attention. Timeout is a generously-proportioned low, sleek sofa and unit system launched in an eclectic mix of subtle geometric covering and luxury leather piping.

With its ever-popular scroll arm and effortless loose cover, Bobbin lends itself to our delightfully country-styled group of upholstery.

What trends are you currently seeing?

There appears to be an elevated confidence on the customer’s behalf to try something new, so we’re offering a more eclectic mix of styles and introducing modern classics as well as colours and accents from around the world. Natural fibre fabrics such as linens, cottons, viscose and wools are something which not only look the part but add real luxury to the home.

Have customer preferences in this area changed much over time?

Development within the company has allowed us to work more closely with our established and newer customers to deliver a more specific and tailored product to suit the requirements of each. This is proving successful, and demonstrates the company’s skills and flexibility within the marketplace.

What is the main issue affecting your bestseller at a retail level?

Much effort has gone into redeveloping our historic bestsellers and re-energising our product offer with new market-leading designs and improvements in quality and manufacturing processes where needed. This has allowed us to continue enjoying success with our more classic sofas whilst moving forward and introducing newness into the market.

What are your observations on how best to retail this product?

We have been reviving and improving our swatch range with natural yarn fabrics. This is a result of our unique manufacturing process, in which we do not have to back-coat fabrics, therefore enhancing the comfort and performance of the furniture. We believe this is a great way to promote the products and coverings at their best.

What is your personal preference?

Blending beautiful colours with natural earthy tones and texture has always been a process I enjoy. With a background in interior design and retail sales, I am always on the lookout for the wow factor, whether it be a sumptuous, natural wool fabric or a wonderfully-crafted, sleek piece of cabinetry. When it comes to furniture we lounge on, comfort versus style is the ultimate goal, with no compromise.

This article was published in the January issue of Furniture News magazine.

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