23 July 2024, 21:32
By Furniture News Feb 19, 2024

Lectra expands Furniture On Demand offer with new cutting solutions

In January, Lectra announced the launch of its enhanced Furniture On Demand by Lectra offer.

This solution promises to automate, streamline and give total visibility over on-demand production – unitary and series – of furniture products, enabling smarter and more sustainable manufacturing.

Lectra is also launching a new generation of smart and connected furniture-cutting equipment, VectorFurniture Q2 and VectorFurniture iX2.

Since 2018 and the launch of its Furniture On Demand by Lectra offer, Lectra has played a pioneering role in enabling the automation of on-demand production, facilitating the production of small runs at the same rate as mass production and promoting material savings.

“Today, we are continuing to innovate by enhancing this solution with Valia, our digital production preparation and planning platform for upholstered furniture,” explains Maximilien Abadie, chief strategy officer and chief product officer at Lectra.

“Furniture On Demand by Lectra connects all the components in the cutting room and facilitates order and production data processing. With this new offer, our customers are fully committed to Industry 4.0 and benefit from a significant competitive advantage, offering new growth drivers for more sustainable production.”

Hosted in the cloud, the Valia digital platform connects to Lectra’s equipment in the cutting room, as well as upstream to the customer's ERP system, enabling them to receive orders, process them automatically and send them to the cutting room, without human intervention. This digitisation, using real-time data, automates and simplifies every stage of the fabric cutting process, from preparation to planning and execution.

The Valia platform is capable of integrating the production rules known by only a handful of experts in the cutting room, says Lectra, making it possible to secure operations, standardise practices and automatically mix and allocate cutting orders to the right cutting equipment, optimising material savings.

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