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By Furniture News Dec 02, 2016

Libra's on-trend offering

The Libra Company is a designer, importer and wholesaler of one of the largest and most diverse collections of interior design accessories, homewares, giftware, lighting, furniture and wall decor across Europe.

Aiming to inspire customers through passion, knowledge and design, Libra continues to innovate with strikingly-crafted, premium products for select retail environments.

Copper, still at the centre of Libra’s trend radar, has been given a fresh face with tones of pink blush, bronze glass and deep nutty woods in the new collection, Copper Rose. Geometric patterns are key to this collection – web-like shapes give the space around the copper just as much importance as the metal itself – illustrated particularly by the new copper web screen.

Mid Century shapes and atomic age structures keep this theme directional whilst smaller objets in the collection look to nature to restore balance. Branch-like structures in wall art and delicately sculptured birds sit alongside whitened laser cut hurricanes and handblown glass vases in elegant topaz.

A raw and industrial collection, Factory offers the pared back look one might expect to find in a Brooklyn loft apartment. A structured, solid and almost architectural feel, this season Libra offers a softer sub plot – Chandelier Factory.

This collection pairs wrought iron, chunky woods with concrete, automotive ephemera and engine style clocks with refined, delicate and show-stopping chandeliers. The combination brings a new dimension of softness tactility and lightness to Factory.

Modern Gothic comprises dark turned furniture, opulent velvets and grand chinoiserie pieces paired with distressed, almost derelict surroundings. Lush green palms contrast with shadowy walls, flashes of beaded blue sateen glimmer in darkened hallways and polished ceramics in blues, whites and deep maroons illuminate cobwebbed corners. The pieces in this collection are classic, solid and carefully made.

Detailed and intricate yet grand, the natural Mindi Wood Manoir collection with gentle, rustic distressing is finished with striking contrasting materials, antiqued mirror, traditional caning, raw aluminiums and dove grey paint.

The range is juxtaposed with Ikat patterns in lamp shades, rugs and upholstery giving it an on-trend feel. Candlelight, mirrors and shimmering crystals add further elegance to the theme. It is an enduring and ageless look which can be used in any space.

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