19 May 2024, 20:38
By Steve Platts Jun 06, 2013

Line, Albed

Italian furniture manufacturer for residential, public and contract spaces Albed has broadened the domestic segment of its portfolio with its Line day system. Designed by Daniele lo Scalzo Moscheri, this modular system is characterised by a high level of adaptability.

For last year's Milan Furniture Fair, the company expanded its range with a fresh version of an existing bookcase design – giving it a vertical look with new configurations, such as a low sideboard, to offer different shapes and functionalities. The bookcase is designed to optimise space in small rooms and niches – now taller and with a narrower width of 120cm.

The company also offers other striking new products that demonstrate the versatility of this collection, from a shelf with an audio system to provide ambient music, to a back panel which fits into the supporting structure to hold a television.

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