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MEDITE MDF – environmentally conscious engineered wood panels

As people continue to look at how they can do their bit for the environment, it is important for furnituremakers to seek more sustainable materials in their projects and designs, states market-leading manufacturer of environmentally conscious engineered wood panels, MEDITE SMARTPLY …

"Our commitment to sustainability is core to all levels of our business at MEDITE SMARTPLY," states the manufacturer, "from our sustainably managed forests, to the manufacture of low-embodied carbon materials, which contribute to sustainable building.

"MEDITE SMARTPLY’s environmentally conscious products ensure a sustainable building material, storing carbon throughout their lifetime. Sourced from sustainably managed forests in Ireland, both the MDF and OSB ranges are FSC certified. The MDF range is also CARB2 compliant, and our OSB range is all manufactured with no added formaldehyde – putting MEDITE SMARTPLY at the forefront of ‘low formaldehyde' innovation in Europe.

The MEDITE MDF range

"MEDITE SMARTPLY’s extensive range of MDF products offer standard, speciality, and technical variants, to meet a multitude of specifications. MEDITE MDF is created using finely milled pine and spruce, which are pressed together to make them flat and smooth without any inconsistencies. This allows furnituremakers to achieve an even and uniform finish for flawless spray painting and veneering.

"The MEDITE MDF range includes: MEDITE MR, a moisture-resistant MDF panel designed for use in humid conditions such as kitchen and bathrooms; MEDITE PREMIER, a multi-purpose MDF ideal for furniture; and MEDITE CLEAR, a MDF panel manufactured with no added formaldehyde, developed specifically for environmentally sensitive interior applications such as nurseries, schools and museums.

"MEDITE’s MDF community site is jam-packed with limitless inspiration," the manufacturer adds. "Those who sign up can share work, gain inspiration, and win prizes that will enable them to build bigger and better with MDF. Sign up, and receive a free gift, here."

Pictured: an installation made with MEDITE PREMIER

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