23 May 2024, 05:11
By Furniture News Jun 22, 2023

New furniture clearance website promises to tackle stock surplus

A new furniture-focused website has been launched by the team behind The Online Furniture Show, marking a new direction for the company.

Clearance Furniture is the home, at launch, of over 5000 items of furniture stock from a range of UK wholesalers. The purpose of the website is to help connect retailers and wholesalers, in order to move the excess stock currently stored in warehouse spaces across the UK.

Alex Newton, the company’s business development manager, says: "Every day I speak with suppliers to the UK furniture trade, and they keep coming back to me with the same issue. Most currently hold thousands of individual items of stock they’re struggling to move via their existing customer base. That’s why we created Clearance Furniture, to bring a new route to market and to help clear wholesalers' warehouse space and get some cash back into businesses."

Recently, Unleashed Software's Cash Flow and Overstock report gave clear evidence of excess stockpiling in the furniture trade. With a new avenue for wholesalers to advertise and move stock to a large audience, Clearance Furniture offers a new solution to a clear problem in the UK furniture trade.

"For wholesalers, the key goal of clearing stock is to ensure margins are kept as high as possible," Alex continues. "Clearance Furniture helps to keep margins higher by putting product in front of more people, therefore ensuring you reach a keen buyer quicker, and for the right price."

Retailers can create an account here. UK wholesalers wishing to start moving stock can contact Clearance Furniture via its parent company, The ZZC Group, on 0333 358 0582, or via email on [email protected].

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