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New technology helps increase conversions at Heal’s

Heal’s says it has improved online conversions and reduced cart abandonment with a solution from behavioural marketing technology provider, BounceX.

Heal’s recognised that customer buying journeys often took a long time, especially due to the big-ticket nature of its higher-end collections. In fact, nearly half of the purchases on Heal’s website involve three or more sessions, often across more than one device, before conversion. However, despite spending the bulk of its media spend on targeting customers with intent via adwords, Heal’s found that it could not identify the customers it was driving to its website – particularly those using more than one device. This lack of identification made it difficult for Heal’s to help shoppers along their buying journey to drive conversions and prevent basket abandonment.

Recognising the need to better recognise, market to and convert site visitors, Heal’s partnered with BounceX to help it identify its online customers, determine where they were on their sales journey and find ways to move them along the path to purchase.

BounceX deployed its email capture techniques and proprietary identity resolution technology, allowing Heal’s to increase visitor recognition across devices, sessions and browsers by around +300%. Because the furniture retailer can now recognise site visitors on a unique basis, it has greater clarity of where each individual customer is on their own buying journey, enabling Heal’s to send relevant trigger emails and deliver on-site personalisation.

David Kohn, customer and ecommerce director at Heal’s, explains: “With this partnership, we’re able to deliver relevant, motivating messages to prospects wherever they are in the sales journey, and the continuity of messaging across devices and sessions means they get a consistent experience.

“BounceX’s technology was able to start linking different device journeys and identifying customers not only on a single device, but across all their devices. With that, they can identify how many visits a shopper has made to the site, which channel they came from and how they’re behaving on-site. This gives a greater idea of where the customer is in the journey.”

The highly targeted and personalised marketing the BounceX solution affords Heal’s – from identifying customers on-site to understanding the conversion path and effective remarketing – means it can create a seamless customer journey that encourages more purchases, faster. Heal’s saw a +53% increase in emails captured per month and +9.1% of its total digital revenue was driven as a direct result of BounceX trigger emails.

Robert Massa, general manager of BounceX EMEA, comments: “Increasingly, forward-thinking retailers such as Heal’s are recognising that identifying anonymous traffic is key for targeting the individual shopper, regardless of the device they’re using. Only then can this behavioural marketing enable retailers to create ongoing, relevant conversations with individual consumers – on a true one-to-one level - across all their devices, browsers and channels, both on and off a retailer’s website, to drive more conversions, faster.”

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