23 May 2024, 04:28
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Orbis – a step forward in sustainability

Putting innovation and sustainability at the centre of all new product developments, The Vita Group stands out as a leader in European flexible PU foam solutions. Demonstrating a commitment to advancing sustainability and progress, The Vita Group has now introduced its Orbis collection, marking a significant stride towards environmental responsibility.

Orbis is a flexible polyurethane (PU) foam crafted, in part, from recycled materials, specifically sourced from post-consumer foam mattresses.

This innovation signifies more than just progress, says Vita: "It signifies a paradigm shift towards embracing circular economy practices. By repurposing post-consumer foam into Orbis, the group introduces the first step in removing the necessity for landfill or incineration, fostering a comprehensive and circular product lifecycle.

"This shift results in reductions in carbon footprint, championing a healthier environment, all while maintaining the unparalleled quality, durability, and comfort characteristic of traditional flexible PU foam mattresses and furniture."

At the core of The Vita Group's mission lies a dedication to promoting sustainability globally. Collaborations with key industry stakeholders further amplify the group's efforts to propel the world towards a future with a net-zero impact – and the group's commitment to environmental welfare extends beyond rhetoric, manifesting as a substantiated reality with scientific evidence through its externally verified lifecycle analysis tool.

"Experience the evolution of sustainable furniture solutions with Orbis by visiting our website," Vita concludes. "Delve into a future where ingenuity and environmental consciousness intersect, yielding furniture that not only provides supreme comfort and exceptional performance throughout its lifecycle but also exemplifies responsibility."

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