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By Furniture News Jun 01, 2023

Out is the new in, says Aquinos

Aquinos Sofás, a member of Portugal’s Aquinos Group, has offered comfortable upholstery for nearly four decades. With the trend towards outdoor living showing little sign of slowing, the manufacturer has turned its offer ‘inside out’, resulting in a new take on outdoor furniture …

With more and more consumers recognising the value of spending time outside, creating comfortable, functional outdoor living spaces that remain cosy and welcoming has become a must, says Aquinos Sofás: “This new way of living is most likely fuelled by several factors, including a growing desire for a healthier, zen-like and active lifestyle, just as the concept of wellness at home has been growing these last few years. 

“And we, as experts in sofas with a focus on design and comfort, wanted to be part of this movement, providing our customers with the concept that they’re used to indoors, but creating the same solution for outside use.”

According to Aquinos, technological advances in manufacturing enable furnituremakers to develop outdoor sofas with the same levels of comfort, design and durability as their indoor counterparts – and Aquinos now marries its existing high quality output with the standards and requirements required by the UK marketplace, such as foam and fabric that meet UK flammability standards, and durable materials to resist the weather.

“Our product design process does not stop at visual appearance, but goes further into material selection,” Aquinos continues. “We wanted to focus on high-quality, resistant materials, and our cover choice reflects just that – Siesta is a cover produced by a Portuguese manufacturer, developed for the most demanding applications, like marine and automotive. 

“On top of that, it is 100% vegan. This cover not only meets the flammability requirements but also the needs of the modern consumer – and, being antimicrobial and antifungal, it is easy to clean and maintain.”

Aquinos’ Gui sofa is a prime example. It is suitable for any living space, be it a balcony, patio, deck or garden, says the manufacturer: “With a vibe that works in every environment, indoor and out, this modern sofa is ideal for revitalising any outdoor living space, transforming it in a cosy, warm place that feels like inside. Its look embodies simplicity and elegance, contrasting perfectly with any outdoor environment without clashing or taking over the beauty of the nearby nature.

“Overall, the rise of outdoor living represents a shift in how people view and use their outdoor spaces,” concludes Aquinos. “Rather than simply being an afterthought, these spaces are becoming an integral part of people’s homes and lifestyles, and we are committed to improving our knowhow and offering the finest outdoor pieces – always with comfort and innovation in mind.”

Aquinos Group operates 20 factories across Europe, and its sofas and mattresses can be found in homes worldwide.

This article featured in June's issue of Furniture News.

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