16 July 2024, 20:30
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Panda London launches Bamboo Hybrid Mattress

Panda London's multi-award winning products, from memory foam pillows to 100% bamboo bedding, have been growing in popularity since they entered the bed market.

And, with a production process that is eco-friendly from forest to front door, Panda is on a mission to create a greener – and "exceptionally comfortable" – future.

Following the success of Panda London's innovative Hybrid Bamboo Pillow, the ambitious brand has launched one of the world’s most advanced, breathable bamboo mattresses.

Panda has developed a unique BioCell Foam, infusing third-generation memory foam with premium, fresh bamboo. Unlike other mattresses, its exclusive open-cell technology promises to breathe with the sleeper even in the hottest summer months, maximising airflow for healthy, refreshing sleep. Its bamboo infusion is also moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial.

With overheating being a major culprit of disrupted sleep and many leading memory foams known to naturally retain heat, Panda had to find a solution.

“We wanted to bring you the most breathable, supportive sleeping experience, which is why we took our time in perfecting every layer of our Hybrid Bamboo Mattress," states Panda. "Breathability is key to deep, restorative rest, and we have engineered the most efficient on the market.”

This breathability is combined with high-density, orthopaedic-grade OrthoAlign Foam, providing "pressure-point perfect support, keeping you in perfect alignment as you sleep". Meanwhile, seven zones of individually enclosed, full-size premium pocket springs promise to deliver tailor-made comfort to every part of the body.

The ultra-responsive zones reduce motion transfer. Many mattresses lack the ability to absorb movement, impacting their comfort, support and performance – Panda says its highly resilient comfort base catches any excess movement.

“Finding a mattress that provides structural integrity without compromising on comfort is key, to ensure deep restful sleep and spinal support,” says mobility coach, Matt Cunningham, who has long been sleeping soundly on Panda’s Hybrid Range.

To wrap things up, an indulgent bamboo cover seals the mattress in hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating bamboo, while an anti-slip layer prevents any sliding.

Panda also offers a 100-night trial, and a 10-year comfort guarantee, backed up by its "gold-standard" customer service. All mattresses come with free UK delivery, including the optional collection and recycling of an old mattress.

According to Panda, around 7.5 million mattresses end up in landfill every year. Panda is “passionate about solving this international problem”, and hopes that by setting new standards in the industry, it will inspire others to follow suit.

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