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By Sponsored Mar 07, 2023

Premium beds.com domain for sale

Building a credible online presence is a critical step towards building a brand, and it all starts with a domain name – states Siler Scope Media director Omri Shalom, the owner of the beds.com domain, which is now for sale … 

"One-word dot coms, that are market specific, are scarce and significantly more expensive than regular domains as they appreciate in value as more and more domains are registered," says Omri.

"One-word dot coms not only enhance brand positioning, authority and trust, but they’re also more memorable to your customers – hence it’s rare when such a premium domain becomes available for acquisition.

"As many businesses will be aware, when attempting to register a domain name, these days most good names are already registered and creativity is needed to find and secure a domain name. Often, businesses have to settle for a country-specific extension such as .co.uk, and even then, the choices are limiting.

"In 2019, the global sleep economy was valued at US$432b. In 2023 this has risen to $551b. Revenue in the beds segment is expected to amount to $7.61b in 2023, and the market is expected to grow annually by +4.06% (CAGR 2023-2027, US statistics).

"Bed and mattress retailer industry revenue in the UK is valued at £629.0m. With 605 retailers in the UK and 3300 mattress firm stores in the US, Beds.com is simply the best domain for any ecommerce brand looking to build and dominate a brand within the bed/mattress market.

"Allow us to share some domain stats. Beds.com has been registered for over 28 years. This keyword is in such demand that it is registered in over 350 domain extensions, and the term 'beds' is searched 788,600 times per month globally."

To discuss the acquisition, connect with Omri on LinkedIn. To submit a confidential offer, visit beds.com

"Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Don’t miss out on this outstanding premium one-word dot com," concludes Omri.

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