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By Sponsored Oct 17, 2018

Revitalising winter sleep with Sealy

Whether sun worshippers or lovers of the colder nights, there is no doubt that winter can play havoc on people’s sleep, states Sealy UK, whose new Activsleep range is on hand to help everyone get the best possible rest this winter … 

Comprising a collection of 12 beds with a range of technologies designed to nourish sleep quality, there has never been a better time to see what this range can offer. 

Sealy Smart Fibres 

All Activsleep mattresses contain Purotex, a probiotics-based textile made of five types of 100% natural bacteria. Purotex microcapsules release friendly bacteria into the fabric of the mattress to clean up allergens, reduce humidity and create a clean, healthy sleeping environment.

Adaptive technology 

Sealy’s intelligent textile technology, Adaptive, is on hand in all Activsleep mattresses to combat moisture and temperature. Adaptive technology uses the body’s energy to accelerate moisture wicking, evaporation and cooling, promising cool, dry sleep – which is extra important when the central heating is turned up.

Wake up ready to seize the day

Whether it is the support of an extra-firm mattress or the cosy softness of a pillowtop, Sealy states that its Activsleep mattresses are adapted to people’s needs, whatever type of sleeper they are. This means no more aching muscles and joints on the dark, cold winter mornings. 

Winter can be a challenging time when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, but Sealy’s Activsleep range can help end users tackle the season head on. Offering a variety of spring systems and comfort ratings, the Activsleep range can ensure customers get the support that is right for them, meaning better sleep and easier-to-tackle mornings this winter.

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